Tired of making an appointment for your seasonal flu shot? At Wurlitzer Family Pharmacy, there are no appointments necessary and little to no wait! Our pharmacists are trained and certified to give immunizations! Stop in for your flu, pneumonia, or Shingles vaccine today! (Note: Medicare Part D covers the shingles vaccine)


Our pharmacists are able to make specialty medications for formulations that are not available on the market. With a prescription, our pharmacists can make compounds ranging from special pain creams or other creams to liquid suspensions or capsules and suppositories. We also make Pet Medications so we can service your entire family!

Tired of constantly making trips to the pharmacy? We offer refill synchronization! Our annual enrollment includes:

  • Consultation with the pharmacist
  • Copy of personal medication record
  • Coordination with prescriber for refills
  • Monthly medication fill and reminder phone calls
  • We also offer pill box fills and blister packaging for an additional cost.

Diabetes Self Management Education Classes

Our pharmacists are able to provide Diabetes Self Management Education and are accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Our classes focus on the 7 self-care behaviors essential for improved health status and greater quality of life. The AADE 7 Self-Care Behaviors include healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medications, problem solving, and reducing risks.

Diabetes Monitoring Services

Our pharmacists can provide a blood glucose check, counseling on Hemoglobin A1C, as well as meter training and foot exams/foot care counseling. Our staff is also trained in diabetic shoe fitting for Dr. Comfort Shoes.

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Services

Our pharmacists can provide counseling on hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol) as well as blood pressure checks. You can have your blood pressure taken by a pharmacist rather than a machine. We offer free wallet sized blood pressure cards to help you track your blood pressure!

Simplify My Meds Program

Do you or a loved one have difficulty taking all your medications properly? Wurlitzer Family Pharmacy offers a program to our customers that synchronizes all medications and packs them into blister packaging separated by day of the week and time of day the medication should be taken. We offer a 3-month free trial for patients who are interested in this program.

Free Deliveries

Do you have mobility issues or have difficulty making it to the pharmacy? Wurlitzer Family Pharmacy provides free deliveries to our patients within our delivery area. If you have a script that needs to be picked up and filled we will come out to pick it up, bring it back and fill it, and then return the filled prescription to your door. All for free!

Durable Medical Equipment

Looking for a place to buy all of your home health safety equipment? Look no further! Here at Wurlitzer Family Pharmacy, we can satisfy all of your home medical needs! We sell home & bath safety equipment, lift chairs, walkers, braces, diabetic shoes, compression stockings, canes, crutches, and much more! Also, we can bill most insurances for durable medical equipment. We pride ourselves with our ability to satisfy most of our patient’s home medical needs!